A Healing Place looks to offer it’s patients a comprehensive assortment of multidisciplinary health care services. Please browse through our list of available services and feel free to contact us if you’re interested in booking an appointment or an introductory consult.

Family Medicine

Family physicians demonstrate competence in the patient-centred clinical method; they integrate a sensitive, skillful, & appropriate search for disease. They demonstrate an understanding of patients’ experience of illness (particularly their ideas, feelings, & expectations) & of the impact of illness on patients’ lives.
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General Surgery

Dr. Sadan K. Goel, M.B., FRCS(C), Senior General Surgeon, will be available for general surgery consultations as well as surgical procedures that can be done under local anaesthesia.
Surgical procedure fees are determined upon consultation with Dr. S.K. Goel.
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Psychiatry is the study of the human mind. It includes thought processes and the biochemistry of brain functions. Psychiatrists diagnose, treat & try to prevent mental & emotional illness & behavioural disorders. General Psychiatry includes managing patients in medical & community settings.
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Naturopathic Medicine

Naturopathic medicine provides a high level of health & vitality in treating the root cause of disease as opposed to signs & symptoms. Dr.Papasodaro has the solution to your health concerns using various programs & biotherapies in order to achieve your optimal health.
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Life Coach

Master Life Coach & Wellness Specialist, Nira Lall works closely with you to discover your needs, address personal & environmental obstacles, devise a comprehensive action plan, & get you to where you want to be in the shortest amount of time possible.
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Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is the manipulation & assessment of soft tissues & joints of the body to affect a therapeutic response in the treatment & prevention of physical dysfunction. It can be used as preventive or restorative, to helping maintain, rehabilitate, augment physical function or relieve pain.
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As a board certified sexologist, Dr. Laura Zilney, affectionately known by her listeners as Dr. Sex, is trained & experienced in dealing with all types of sexual health concerns.
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Dr. Sareen’s treatment plans use a wide variety of techniques and treatments such as myofascial release therapy, joint mobilization and manipulation, acupuncture, custom orthotics, patient education, lifestyle management, nutritional management, postural assessment/correction, rehabilitation and core strengthening protocols. Dr. Sareen specializes in treating numerous conditions including common musculoskeletal diseases, acute and chronic spinal conditions, common extremity conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome and plantar fasciitis, headaches, occupational and athletic injuries, and women’s health.
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Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy

Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy is a specialized area of physiotherapy that pertains to assessing, treating, and preventing various pelvic floor dysfunctions.
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