Save Money on Fees for Uninsured Services

The Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP) pays for most of your in office medical visits, however, some medical procedures and most administrative services are not insured by OHIP. While these services are still provided at this office, they do require significant time and resources to administer and payment for these services has become the responsibility of either the patient themselves or the agency requesting the service. To address this issue, the Ontario Medical Association has introduced a fee schedule for uninsured services. You can view the uninsured service fee guide here.

There are two ways by which you may wish to address these fees. The first option is that you consider paying an annual fee, or what we refer to as a“block fee”, to cover uninsured services for one year. This method will help to reduce the amount of time the office staff spends sending out individual invoices, which allows them more time to provide patient care and can also amount to substantial savings for the patient if unexpected needs arise over the year.

Annual Fees for the coverage period will be:

  • $95 for an Individual
  • $160 for a Couple
  • $195 for a Family

You can complete your block fee registration form and purchase your coverage package at the Wise Elephant FHT website.

For those who chose not to accept the annual coverage program, the second option is to pay for individual services at the time the service is provided.

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