Project India – We need your support to build a “Footpath in the Himalayas”

Footpath in the HimalayasWe will be travelling to India again this year during the month of December to work in Samthar Valley  in the foothills of the Himalayas.  We have teamed up with a local NGO called “Awake and Shine India”.  Our main tasks there will be to run mobile medical camps in the various small villages surrounding the main village, Samthar.  We will be providing free medical services to the local people, many of whom rarely go to a medical doctor.  Our fundraising will go towards purchasing medications that we will dispense during the camps.

We are also fundraising to sponsor more children at the Awake and Shine school ($350 funds a child for a full school year).  You can get a sense of the school by viewing our video link from youtube – see below.

Finally, the dirt rocky footpath from the school to the main road is really difficult for the schoolchildren to walk on during the rainy season when it gets really muddy and slippery.  So for about $5000 we can convert this 2 km path into a safer stone footpath.

Visit our donation page at or donate directly here.

We really value your support and understand the sacrifices you all make as a patient of our clinic when we go away to work overseas.  Thank you for this support.

Dr. Sanjeev Goel

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